Personal data protection policy

The DNAC company wishes to follow as closely as possible the principles of processing of personal data as defined by the data protection authorities, whether it is the GDPR (general data protection regulation) or other regulations and recommendations which can be consulted on the CNIL website:

Information collected by the DNAC company are used for processing registrations, informing customers, accessing DNAC sites and welcoming customers at conferences, workshops, seminars, tutorials, training periods, etc. Some limited information must be transmitted to the IEEE, IFIP or ACM which are the three major learned societies which sponsor the scientific events and which in exchange for their sponsor ask for receiving the names of the participants. and their email address.

Our principles for the processing of personal data

The processing of personal data carried out by the company DNAC follows the regulations in force. More specifically, four main principles are implemented:

  • The data collected are secured with a maximum of attention
  • Processing is limited to what is necessary to manage registrations and inform customers
  • No processing is performed by artificial intelligence, big data or any other system allowing to correlate information
  • Processing to manage conferences, events, workshops, training, etc. are all carried out without exception by DNAC itself without any subcontracting

The information collected and the storage period

Collected information come only from registrations for DNAC events and includes only the minimum time period necessary for processing event registrations, monitoring these registrations, informing customers and receiving customers on site or remotely. Data are preserved to match with the legal retention periods defined by law and for legitimate interests, that is to say in general 5 years from the last activity, to which must be added an additional 5 to 10 years in DNAC archives.

Modification of rights on personal information

Customer information can be modified, deleted or rectified on request by sending this request either to ou by regular mail to

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